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Delighting audiences with live entertainment since the tender age of 6, Krissy Staykova, has become one of the most sought after violinist in Southern California.  With a wealth of experience as a professional violinist, Krissy Staykova has delighted audiences with her dazzling display of live entertainment.  A classically trained violinist, Krissy’s expertise will add a level of sophistication and elegance to any occasion. 

Her experience as a wedding musician has propelled her to being the premier wedding violinist in Southern California.  Krissy can enhance any other social gathering as well, whether it’s wedding music, party music, ceremony music, or any other instance that requires live entertainment. Her musical prowess has allowed her to play many venues throughout Southern California with various local and world renowned bands.

Krissy has been able to blend her classical expertise with an appreciation for legendary performers such as Sinatra and Etta James.  Her well rounded taste in music allows her to improvise and make her own arrangements providing her own personal input on classics.  This ability also allows her to be versatile as a violinist, and able to accommodate most requests for music instead of limiting you to a list of songs.


For a stunning evening of live entertainment, by Southern California’s premier violinist, contact Krissy Staykova.