Krissy has a natural, friendly way with children that gives her an ability to bring out the best in her students. Along with her lifetime of musical education and expertise, she has given our daughter Alyssa not only a great teacher and a great learni
ng experience but a wonderful friend as well. We look forward to Krissy's visits every week!

Dean Johnson
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Huntington Beach, CA

I am delighted to recommend Krissy Staykova as a violin teacher.  She has been teaching my son for three years, and he has progressed nicely under her supervision.  Ms. Staykova has demonstrated infinite patience while correcting bad habits of form acquired in my son’s first year of learning in an afterschool program.  A performance violinist her whole life, she possesses a superior knowledge of musical technique, and she brings an exuberance for her art when wor
king with young students.  She is always professional and reliable, and each week she braves the terrible Orange County traffic to come to our house for my son’s lesson.  She’s a jewel!  

Nancy Koprowski
Laguna Beach, California

My daughter has been taking violin lessons from Ms. Staykova for the past 2 years and it has been an absolute pleasure.  I appreciate how caring Ms. Staykova is during her lessons and she expects excellence from her students and she delivers excellence.  With Ms. Staykova's encouragement and wonderful teaching skills my daughter has reached a level in her music that she is now part of a local youth orchestra an
d enjoys every minute of it.

Samila Ardalan,
Irvine, CA

It is with pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Krissy Staykova.  
Our daughter has been taking piano with Krissy for over two years. We continue to be impressed with Krissy’s dedication to teaching music.  In the past two years, our daughter has participated in two fabulous Staykova Music Recitals.  They were a huge success. Krissy has built confidence in her students and encouraged her students to learn challenging music.
We enjoy her teaching style. She works very hard and expects her students to do the same. Her background in music both violin and pia
no are impressive. Krissy learned to play violin and piano in Bulgaria with a strong commitment to learning music and she expects the same of her students here.
Krissy is a joy to have in our home. The whole room brightens up when she is here. She is a wonderful teacher, great organizer and inspiration to our daughter.

Jennifer and Flavio Depecol
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Krissy,

We are so glad to have found the perfect person to teach our daughter piano and violin.  Your combination of passion for music and patience for teaching is just the right match for her.  Thank you for encouraging and challenging her, and for instilling in
her an appreciation for music.

Maybel Quaglierini
Irvine, CA